VIZIO 3D Blu-ray players

We have created the list below of the best VIZIO 3D Blu-ray players. Most Blu-ray players will work with other brand 3DTV’s but we recommend trying to use the same brand as your 3DTV. The 3DTV is what determines the type of viewing technology you will use. If you have a “Active 3DTV“, it will use the shutter glasses ONLY (You need to recharge USB, or add batteries). If you have a “Passive 3DTV” it will use the curricular polarized glasses (the light weight glass with no charging or batteries). Same as we sell here on the 3dom site. You can read more about Passive vs Active on our blog. Here are two important posts you should read before buying a new 3DTV or Blu-ray 3D player.

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Other things you will need to complete your home 3D experience

You will need a 3D HDMI cable

You will need an Optical Cable for newer 3DTV’s

Passive 3D Glasses for your Passive 3DTV: Men » Woman » Kids »


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