Stylish dimensions: 3D glasses get personal

Aug 18, 2011

-By Andreas Fuchs

Never mind the media and analyst chatter about ticket buyers having had enough of 3D, audiences getting wise about bad 3D movies (moviegoers have always been smart about what’s good) and families trying to save money on 3D surcharges by going to the 2D show instead. The stereoscopic third dimension has left an indelible mark on the transformation of our industry to digital projection. As systems are deployed in record numbers—Cinemark doubling its current agreement with RealD to cover 3,000 screens and AMC Entertainment adding up to 1,000 for a nearly 50% auditorium share, to name but two recent examples—we now take an in-depth look at some of the glasses and associated accessories that help make it all possible.

via Stylish dimensions: 3D glasses get personal.