Watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies in 3D

It’s finally come, and visually it is pretty exciting. I dipped in and out of the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics from London in 3D on DirecTV channel 103. Unlike the regular NBC broadcast, this was devoid of the endless and irritating commentary on the commercial broadcast.

In the portions I watched, amounting to about 2 hours worth, the only narration I heard was from the stadium announcers. The ceremonies were grand in spectacle, and 3D makes a big impression. The larger your display, the more impact it will have. I checked it out on a 46 inch LCD, and an 8 1/2 foot front projection screen and I can tell you, size matters.

Like any opening ceremonies, there are highs and lows. Some of the dance numbers were spectacular, especially with all the pyrotechnics, but watching the Andorra Olympic team stroll around a track and wave was less than entrancing.

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